Do I need to get a receipt?

Yes, write Drake University or Next Course as the donor. Drop off the receipt at the next meeting with a board member.

What do I need to know about expiration dates?

Food safety is the #1 priority so please check that all food is first, properly and fully packaged and that no food has been exposed and potentially made unsafe, and second, that food is dated within the set ranges. For all partner agencies except Hawthorn Hill, food dated within 5 days is an acceptable range. For Hawthorn Hill, only bring food that is dated within 2 days. If you are recovering to Hawthorn and have food that is not dated within 2 days, please recover that food to another partner agency such as Central Iowa Shelter & Services. Only compost as a last resort.

What do I do when there is no food in the cooler to pick up?

Are you there early? Sometimes Sodexo workers will bring food to be recovered just before 2:30 pm. If you are not there early and there is no food, please text Gabby Miller (816-582-7299) or Sara Hillring (913-593-9304) so that they can notify the partner if needed.

What to do when there is very little food to recover?

Check the dates! On Monday or Wednesday, if the food items were prepared within 2 days, you can leave it in the cooler to be picked up with the next recovery. For Friday, either recover it or compost it, do not leave it in the cooler over the weekend. If the food is older than 2 days, this one is up to your discretion as a volunteer. Some food is better than no food, but if bringing a couple bagels across town would be more aggravating than helpful, go ahead and compost them. What do I do if the food is more than 5 days old? Compost it! There are orange bins next to the loading dock where you can dump it. Aluminum trays go in the garbage (also located next to the loading dock). Always check date labels on all food items before bringing it to your partner agency and compost at the loading dock any food that is packaged improperly or is dated past 5 days.

What do I do if there is no date written on the food container or it is packaged improperly?

Compost it! We don’t take chances with food recovery.

What do I do if the other volunteer isn’t showing up?

Give them a call if they’ve listed their number on the sign-up sheet? Call either Gabby Miller (816-582-7299) or Sara Hillring (913-593-9304) and they can either come assist you or guide you through the recovery process. If you are volunteering, but not driving, please call either number so that we can locate a driver.

What do I do if there is too much food and it won’t all fit in my car?

Call either Gabby Miller (816-582-7299) or Sara Hillring (913-593-9304) and they will try to locate another car to join the recovery for that day. Or recruit a friend! If absolutely no one is available and you can, make multiple trips. Otherwise, absolutely alert Gabby or Sara so that they know there is extra food to be recovered.

What do I do if the partner agency can’t accept the full delivery?

Sometimes our smaller partner agencies don’t have the capacity to receive large donations or certain types of donations. In this case, bring any surplus donations to our designated overflow partner, Central Iowa Shelter and Services (1420 Mulberry St., Des Moines, IA 50309).

What do I do if the loading dock door is locked?

This will very rarely happen (the door locks at 4:30 pm) but you can still get into the tunnels. Leave your car in the loading dock and walk up past Stalnaker to Hubbell. Inside, head toward Quad. Down the hall, right past the bathrooms, there’s a small unmarked door to your right, directly across from the Quad kitchen door. This door will open to a set of stairs which you can go down and then go to the right then left and you will see the cooler. If you get lost, there are always employees that can direct you. The loading dock can be opened from the inside, just don’t close the door or you will need to go back through Hubbell and Quad.

What do I do if there is a truck in the loading dock?

You can call the Sodexo office phone (515-271-2777) and ask how long the truck will be there. Otherwise, you can just park elsewhere near the loading dock without blocking the truck.

Any questions not answered here?

Email, text, or call Gabby Miller (816-582-7299; gabrielle.miller@drake.edu) or Sara Hillring (913-593-9304; sara.hillring@drake.edu).